Handcrafted Products

Indian Handicraft items are the most cherished products all across the world. Avail from us a range of creatively designed Handcrafted Products. These are made by skilled craftsmen ensuring every item to be unique and attractive. The handcrafted products that we offer are available in beautiful designs and plenty of colors. They are embedded with colored beads, mirrors etc. and are crafted into masterpieces. These are widely used as decorative as well as gifting items.

Range Offered
  • Picture Frames
  • Beaded Lamp Shades
  • Beaded Coasters
  • Jewellary Boxes
  • Wooden Lak Items

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Picture Frame Manufacturer

We are a professional manufacturer, primarily engaged in the making of Picture Frames. The range and sizes depends upon the customer's need. With more than years of experience and sustaining training of our staff, we own a professional and hardworking team to keep developing and designing of new products for all of our


Beaded Lampshades Exporter

We offer many Beaded Lamp Shades with different and beautiful designs. All you need is to buy these beautiful and timeless Beaded Lamp Shades for a fraction of the retail cost. Every shade is handicrafted for each customer, in your choice of decorative colors, or can be custom dyed to match your decor. To make each shade


Beaded Coasters Manufacturer

Ours is the craft collection of handmade Beaded Coasters. We have different designed Beaded Coasters. Some of our Beaded Coaster was made with purple japanese bugle seed beads using the triangle weave beading technique. We have shimmering clear and blue glass beads which create an eye-catching effect on these handmade


Jewellery Boxes Exporter

Our Jewellery Boxes are handicrafted with excellent quality. We manufacture Jewellery Boxes which are perfect to compliment your beautiful jewellery pieces, or as a gift for men and women. Our Jewellery Boxes have been carefully hand made in fine solid woods. Soft, felted interiors, divided compartments, brass


Wooden Lak Items Manufacturer

We welcome you to purchase our Wooden Lak Items and many more things. We are a full service Manufacturers and Exporters of craft shop with a supply of Wooden Turnings, Brushes, Craft Paints, Stencils and Gift Items. We also produce custom wood items. We manufacture Wooden Sleds, Clocks, Shelves, Cabinets, Cases,